Happy 22 Months Lily!

Happy 22 months my sweet Lily pad!!!  She is currently around 22 pounds (FINALLY) and stretches around 32 inches tall!  She is such a vocal baby and had such a spunky personality. More »

Happy 21 Months Lily!

Happy 21 months Lily (over a week ago…)!!  Lily weighs at about 21.3 pounds and stretches about 32 inches long.  She’s lost some weight because she was sick for a couple week, More »

Happy 20 Months Lily!

Wow now in the 2-0 digits!  Happy 20 months my sweet little Lily pad!   Right now she stretches at about 32 inches and weighs about 21 pounds!  She understands more and More »

Disney Baby!

I woke up this morning and saw one of the mom’s from Lily’s modeling agency share the Disney Baby facebook cover photo, and tagged me asking if that was Lily in the More »

Happy 19 Months Lily!

Happy 19 months to my sweet little Lily pad!  Right now Lily weighs at about 21.25 pounds and stretches about 31.5 inches tall!  I realized I forgot to post her 18 months, More »

Happy 17 Months Lily!

Happy 17 Months old Lily!  She currently weighs about 20.5 pounds (finally broke the 20 pound mark and can officially sit front facing in the car seat now!!!), and stretches about 30.5 More »

Happy Sweet 16 Months Lily!

Happy Sweet 16 Months to our precious Lily pad!!  She’s still small, hasn’t grown too much since last month, weighing in at 19.6 pounds and is stretches about 30.5 inches tall.  She More »

Happy 15 Months Lily!

Happy 15 months to my precious Lily pad!!!  Lily weighs in at 19.6 pounds (6%) and stretches 29.25 inches (13%) tall with a head circumference of 17.5 inches (12%).  She’s still small More »

Happy 14 Months Lily!

Happy 14 months old our precious Lily pad!!  She weighs in at about 19.0 pounds and stretches about 30 inches tall!!  She is super happy all the time and is very healthy! More »


Happy 22 Months Lily!


Happy 22 months my sweet Lily pad!!!  She is currently around 22 pounds (FINALLY) and stretches around 32 inches tall!  She is such a vocal baby and had such a spunky personality.  She is a very happy baby and she loves music and is starting to sing a long a little more to a lot of songs.  She currently loves the Disney movie Frozen and would point to the TV and say “let it go!” haha.  She is learning to say a lot more words too.  She will point to her shoes and say “shooos.”  We also taught her how to saw “I love you”, I just love her voice!  You can see her progress here:

Lily also likes to point at baby pictures or babies she sees when we go out and say “baby!!”  It’s so strange to see that because she’s still MY baby! haha.  Her favorite activities are to color and draw, and when she’s done or sees her art work that’s she’s done in the past, she likes to point to it and say “I did it!!”  She also likes to dance and play with bubbles, ride her trike to the park, and play on the slides!  She’s fearless on the slide and likes to go on the big kid’s slide now too.  She is turning into a little fashionista and loves jewelry, sunglasses and hats as well haha.  If she sees a hair bow, she’ll take it and say “bow” and try to put it in her hair!  So cute!  We love her so much!!  Happy 22 months our sweet precious Lily pad!!

Lily also had Children’s Night at LePort and she got to see what she’s learned at school.  We got to follow her around her classroom as she showed us her doing some “work” (activities).  She really loves to paint, and do puzzles!  I’m so impressed with how much she knows.  She knows where everything in the classroom is, and she’s got the routine down really well.  She’ll take the activity to the table and set it up and start working, then when she’s done, she’ll clean up her work and put it back on the shelf she got it from!  She also really likes to put on the apron when she paints and she can put it on herself too.  It’s so cute!  She never ceases to amaze me!! Here is a video of her completing the butterfly peg puzzle!  We are so proud of you Lily!!

3 Months

It’s been 3 months… I found this quote that I feel is very real and true…

I never got to hear you cry, I never got to feel you kick, I never got to hold you close or see you smile, but you will forever be missed.  When you love something from the moment it exists in your heart, and it’s taken from you in the blink of an eye, it hurts.  Then when it happens again, it hurts even more…

A lot of people I know don’t deal with these situations, thank goodness for that, and from the outside, sometimes you just don’t know what to say.  This article is really helpful on what NOT to say, HERE.  This article I found is also super helpful on how to help someone who is going through this loss and pain, HERE.  Everyone means well but sometimes at a vulnerable state like this, words needs to be express with caution and I think sometimes less is more.  A simple hug for me is more than enough.  I am lucky to have so many people around me who love and care about me, and I’m blessed to have such a supportive and loving group of family and friends.  It was really rough at first, initially I thought I would never recover enough to live again, but motivations like my precious Lily pad woke me up inside and insisted I try to be myself again.  It took a while longer than it did the first time around.  I was in a deep black hole for a long time, and it took a lot of patience and encouragement from my loved ones to help me see the light again.  Khoa was a major part of that.  He stayed strong for the both of us, even though I know he was hurting inside as well.  He remained my rock, and I am forever grateful and lucky to have him.  As time went on, I’m glad to say that I am ok and happy again.  I’ll never forget, and I will always bring my angels with me as I continue my journey and adventures in life.  Anyways, I love you my angels, thank you for watching over me and your family, we will meet one day, but until then, I will make you proud and live and smile for you.

Vietnamese Cooking!

One of my favorite Vietnamese dishes is Bánh Bột Chiên, a common street snack in certain parts of Vietnam, that consisted of this rice cake that’s fried with green onions and eggs.  I wanted to make it for Khoa since it’s Lent season and he doesn’t eat seafood and we can’t eat meat on Fridays.  I wanted to buy the premade rice cake and just cut it up and fry it, but they didn’t have it at the asian market I was at, so I had to make it from scratch!  The recipe says to steam it but I didn’t have one that was big enough, so I made my own contraption with a large shallow pot, a wire rack and lots of foil and stuck it in the oven at 200 degrees F haha! It worked so I’m happy with that!  It came out super yummy, and I’m feeling more in touched with my Vietnamese roots!  I found the recipe here on Helen’s Recipes (Vietnamese Food) Youtube channel.  Her Youtube Channel is amazing for authentic Vietnamese food recipes!  She has a website for all her recipes too here.  Click here for the recipe!  The only thing I changed was instead of using Black Soy Sauce, I used Thick Soy Sauce (not sure what the difference is but my Mom told me to use Thick Soy Sauce so I did, mother know’s best!).  I also used red vinegar instead of white/black vinegar for the dipping sauce.  Khoa loved it, and Lily does too!!

We were eating out on beautiful Saturday morning, and we let Lily eat some noodles for the first time!  She LOVED it and had so much fun playing and eating all the noodles.  So, I was feeling adventurous, and I decided to attempt to make Phở Bò for the first time, and from scratch!  I always wanted to be one of those moms who make amazing homemade phở from scratch, but I always thought it was way out of my skill zone.  However, I have to remind myself now and then that I must try otherwise I’ll never know what I’m capable of!  So once again, I used the recipe from Helen’s Recipes found here.  I don’t eat phở since I don’t like the noodles, but I do like the broth and beef.  I figured I can make this anyways for Khoa and Lily to enjoy since I love making them happy in anyway I can!  TIPS (that I found useful when searching for all the ingredients): Cardamon (an indian spice plant) is also labelled as amomum in the asian supermarket.  I spent so much time in the spice aisle looking for cardamon, it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t find it!  So when you search for cardamon and can’t find it, try looking for amomum!  Also, you need a large empty tea bag to put the small spices in, but you can also use the little mesh tea balls as well!  Those are more secure and your spices won’t risk falling out.  Lastly, if you don’t have easy access to a grill like Helen does in her video, my alternative was to lay my ingredients on a cookie sheet or tray, and put it on the top rack in my oven and broil it will it’s a little charred!  My house smelled amazing really quickly after I did that! =P  Traditional phở bò is cooked overnight to bring out the rich flavors from the beef bones (or chicken bones, whichever flavor you’re making), but I was a little worried about leaving the stove on overnight.  (After I’ve seen the broth simmer for hours…I can now see why it’s not TOO big of a deal).  So instead, I let it simmer for as long as I could before Khoa got hungry =P (about 4 hours total instead of the basic 2 hours if you don’t do it overnight).  It was finally time for Khoa to taste test, and to my surprise, Khoa loved it and said it was REALLY REALLY good and flavorful!  I’m so happy, I feel like I’ve achieved something grand!!  Lily had difficulty eating the noodles for this one since it was so slippery but she LOVED the broth!!  She liked to drink it up straight from the bowl!  The most important part of phở is the broth too, and it was very clear and flavorful, big success!!  YAY!

Happy 21 Months Lily!


Happy 21 months Lily (over a week ago…)!!  Lily weighs at about 21.3 pounds and stretches about 32 inches long.  She’s lost some weight because she was sick for a couple week, poor baby had early stage pneumonia =(.  She had a cough for a few weeks and then she got a fever at school one day, so Khoa took her to her pediatrician.  She start wheezing when she breathed and that’s when the doctor said she had early stage pneumonia since her left lung wasn’t so clear.  She had to be on antibiotics and breathe through the nebulizer 3 times a day for about a week before her lungs cleared up!  Afterwards, her appetite slowly came back!  Lily likes to say “thank you”, “all done”, “mommy”, “daddy”, and can sign “different” very well now.  she also likes to say phrases like “what is this?”, “what is that?” and point to her drawings and saying “I did this!” a lot too!!  She can also point to us and say “this is dada, this is mama” then point to herself and say “this is Lily (yiyi)”.  It’s amazing to hear her speak so much!  She likes to point up in the sky when she sees an airplane or helicopter, and she also likes to take selfies in my phone and totally ham it up with facial expressions!  She sometimes wake up from her naps babbling and cracking up with herself haha!!  She’s such a happy spirited baby, she lights up our lives!  She’s getting smarter and smarter each day!

Lily also loves to sing!!  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is one of my go-to songs when I lullaby Lily at night, and usually she just rests peacefully in my arms while I sing it to her, and then place her in her crib. I haven’t noticed until recently that she can sing along to the song now, and I assume her school taught her some dancing motions to go along with this song, along with Ring Around the Rosie!  I was able to capture it and she’s so cute when she tries to sing along, her favorite part must be the “up above” line haha!  She also babbles a lot with some audible words here and there.  She’s starting to get really good at repeating words now too and can hum to tunes to several songs!  I can listen to her and watch her all day!!

One of her favorite things to do is to play outside.  She loves the slide and slides down it like a pro!  She waits for her daddy to count to three and then she slides down!  She’s so full of energy and is non stop, I love seeing how happy and active she is!  She also insisted on wearing her sunglasses outside!  She’s a smart cookie for wanting to protect her eyes!  She actually kept them on the entire time!!  She also got to walk Luna for the first time!!  She did great and insisted on walking Luna from the park all the way home!  She did so well!  She’s so cute walking her furry best friend, but man, she’s growing up fast!  Check out these videos of her playing at the park and walking Luna!


Today is also St. Patrick’s Day!  Lily is all dressed in green, and found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and is sharing all her treasures!  Dressing her up is fun, but she also loves to wear hats and look pretty too!  If you tell her she looks so pretty, her face will light up!!  She loves playing with jewelry and beaded necklaces and she can put them on herself with ease now too.  She’s so girly haha.

Bee Mine!

It’s the time of year again where everyone gets to shower each other with love!  This year, Lily got to celebrate Valentine’s day for the first time at her school at LePort!  Her teacher told me to bring 12 Valentine’s Day cards and write Lily’s name on all of them and they will distribute it to their kids.  So I headed over to the awesome fancy 99 cent store, and found these super cute animal vday cards!  It came with a bunch of stickers too, so I stuck 2 stickers on each card!  I was very proud of myself because the cards were cute and it had stickers on it, what a nice bonus that is!  So I pick Lily up from school on Thursday, and right next to her backpack is her decorated box of valentines with all her valentines in them.  Then there’s a fancy cupcake box from Samuel.  I was like WHOA, a cupcake for a valentine?!  How sweet and ingenius is that?!  I was blown away haha, and then when I got home and we looked inside her box of goodies, there were little packages of erasers, pencils, etc.  I was like what??  Why are they going above and beyond!  There was even a scratch and sniff valentine that said “you’re grape!” and it smells like amazing grapes!  And here I am feeling so nifty with myself because I thought adding 2 stickers on each card was making it that much more special =(.  Well, in the end, they are only 1 years old, and she’s not going to remember this anyways, and it’s all in good fun.  I was just so shocked by the parents’ creativity, I feel like I need to step up my game next year…we’ll see if I remember haha!  But anyways, isn’t this so cute what her school did?  I love it!!  Most of all, Lily really enjoyed it!  They got a special Valentine’s Day snack where some parents brought in raspberries, cheese, yogurts, etc!  She likes seeing all the colorful cards and decorating her box, so cute!

Khoa and I have been parents for a little over 20 months now, but we still try to make sure we spend quality time together as husband and wife!  Normally we’d make a nice dinner then go out to the movies!  However, it’s much harder to go to the movies these days, but we’re still very fortunate to have amazing parents who’ll watch Lily now and then!  So Khoa told me to take a half day off work so that we can spend some quality time together, and he planned out the whole day!  We started our nice date by going to the movies at the Arclight in Paseo Colorado mall in Pasadena and watched the funny Lego Movie!!  It was so cool and funny with lots of wit and charm, and it had a nice story/message at the end too!  It was very enjoyable and we splurged on expensive popcorn haha!  We then walked around the mall and got Lily a cute fork and spoon travel set thingy, I couldn’t help myself haha.  Then we had dinner at this cute restaurant called Cafe Santorini!  The environment was very romantic and lovely.  Then we went back to the mall and Khoa reserved us a spot in the Wine and Canvas class where it was “Date Night” and we each get to paint half a painting that fits together to make one big painting!  The painting is called “Love Birds”, how appropriate is that?!  It was so much fun and we HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!  Khoa’s side came our a lot better than we both expected haha, I’m so proud of him!  We now hang this painting in our dining room!  So happy to showcase art that we made together!

At work, Khoa sent me another forever platinum rose to go with the one he sent me a few years ago!  What a nice surprise!!  However, my favorite part is his hand made card he made in powerpoint and paint haha! Who does that right?  Well HE does!  And he’s darn proud of it!  He even put the Valentine’s Day date and our wedding anniversary date in the barcode!  Oh the little details and thought that went through his mind.  He also made sure to include a picture of Luna in the card too!!  I love him so much, today and everyday for the rest of my life and beyond!

Lastly, I made Lily a new tutu tote bag!  She loves purses and will wear anything that has a handle as a purse.  So I decided to make the bag myself since I couldn’t find a mini tote bag that was a good size.  I saw a princess tutu tote bag on etsy, but they used a bunch of tulle and make the skirt part really poofy, it looked really cute, but I didn’t want the tutu to be too much.  So I used organza and just did 2 layers so that it’s just a simple accent to the bag.  I used one of my existing tote bags as a reference and sewed a mini bag from that!  So no pattern was used for this, but I did make my own pattern now!  So I made one for Charlotte and Emmy too but in different colors so they all can have their own cute little bags!!  I showed it to Lily and she went “ooOOooo” and loved it!  She likes to put her pots and pans, crayons, and minion toys in it!  haha!  That’s my cutie pie!!

Happy 20 Months Lily!


Wow now in the 2-0 digits!  Happy 20 months my sweet little Lily pad!   Right now she stretches at about 32 inches and weighs about 21 pounds!  She understands more and more each day and I feel like we can ALMOST reason with her at times!  She’s still sleeps super well at night, so that makes us super happy and lucky as well.  Thank goodness we can count on that!  She’s so full of personality and fun, I love cuddling with her and tickling her and make her laugh!  She really likes to play and she pats the floor to make you sit down and play with her.  She likes to color and draw with markers, play with her musical teapot, play with her kitchen and plastic fruits and veggies, she loves going on her trike rides and playing at the park, particularly the slides!  She also loves music and dancing, flipping through books, trying on and taking off beaded necklaces, brushing her and your hair, and playing with chapstick, and even tries to put it on you!  She babbles a ton and picks up new words here and there too!  She can say “eat” and “up” super clearly now, and she’s very good at saying “help”, “poop”, “eww”, “hooray” and starting to say “thank you”.  She’ll try to say other words, not so clearly but it’s the effort that counts!  She’s very good at expressing certain emotions too, and will say “ooOOooo” when she sees something new or something she likes and thinks it’s cool!  She’ll make funny faces for fun and crack herself up!!

She recently did a photoshoot with MGA Entertainment this past wednesday (1st photoshoot since October of last year!) and she did great!  In the waiting area they had tons of toys for her to play with and she quickly made herself at home.  They gave her an outfit to wear and then we headed over to hair and make up!  Before we went, I asked Lily if she wants to go and play with some new toys and she nodded and said “yes!”.  So the stylist put out her hand and Lily took and walked happily with her to the set!  They put some lotion on her face, a little bit of powder and Lily tried to push the brush away.  The makeup artist then said Lily looked so pretty so Lily put out her face for her to put blush on!  She asked if she wanted lipstick (lipgloss) and Lily nodded and said “YES!” and of course licked her lips after to taste haha!  She so cute!  They gave her a cute purple matching headband to wear too.  The product was this realistic functioning (but plastic) shopping cart.  It was really cute, I might have to buy her one when it comes out in the fall!  Lily did really well and loved playing with the cart and fake fruits and veggies in the cart, and she loved the wrangler too!  Lily was laughing and playing and had a great time!  I’m so proud of you Lily pad, can’t wait to see the pictures later this year!  Below is a picture of her playing with toys in the waiting room and then after hair and make up!  What a pretty doll she is!  Also, someone found Lily’s Disney Baby Minnie Mouse bedding set advertisement in a full page spread in the American Baby Magazine in the February 2014 issue!  I was able to buy a couple copies from Ebay and Amazon!!  It’s so amazing to see see in a magazine!!  You see polka dots on her face because the pages are thin and it shows the ad on the back of the page…haha.  Either way, she still looks super cute!!

I also had Lily’s parent teacher conference at LePort this past Thursday and I was super happy to hear what Ms. Monica had to say about Lily.  Lily didn’t get a progress report since she hasn’t been in the toddler class for long, but she gave me an update on how Lily is doing.  Ms. Monica said that Lily is such a sweet girl and that she has a contagious laugh!  She said Lily has a very good sense of order and memorizes things really well, and would reorganize the puzzles and put them where they’re suppose to be on the shelf!  She likes to clean, pushing around the vacuum and she apparently loves to sweep the floor haha.  She’s really good during snack time and setting up her seat at the table, and putting things away when she’s done eating.  They have a snack station to get their place mats, plates, and utensils.  She eats all her food every time, and she drinks all her milk too!  What a good girl!  Ms. Monica said she loves doing art and gets really excited when they do crafts, and she loves it when they have music time which they do twice a week.  Sometimes during nap time, she’ll sit on her cot and just sing to herself and then go to sleep, haha!  Her teacher said that doesn’t bother her since Lily’s not disrupting her classmates and Lily stays on her cot, so that’s totally fine!  She’s so silly! haha. Lily picked up on the routine pretty quickly, and they ring the bell whenever they change activities, and so when she hears the bells, she’s very good at stopping what she’s doing and go to the carpet for circle time, or lining up to go play outside!  I wish I can observe all this one day because it sounds so amazing what she’s doing!  She also really likes to water the plants!  They teach her to touch the soil and see if it’s dry or wet, and if it’s wet, then they would move on to find a plant to water, and if it’s dry, then they would water it!  Ms. Monica said that Lily’s language skills is developing really well and she’s saying more words!  She’s learning to spell her name and is learing to pronounce her name better too!  She’s also really good at asking for help whenever she needs it, like if she’s on her tricycle and someone crashes into her and they get stuck, she’ll yell out for help!  Her teacher said not many kids will vocalize that much, so that’s really great!  She also said that Lily might be ready to be potty training in a month or so, wow that’s so quick!  So we’ll be getting ready for that soon too.  Overall Ms. Monica said that Lily loves to do everything, and that she’s learning things really quickly!  She finally figured out how to use the lock and key puzzle the other day too!  Ms. Monica said that when new parents come to tour the campus, they’ll see Lily and say she’s so cute and that her face is just like a little doll!  She said that she loves having Lily in the class and is so happy to have her here!  Hearing all these wonderful things about Lily just makes me soooo happy!  I’m so grateful for all the hard work the teachers do to teach Lily, and I’m so glad that we’re keeping up and doing well with raising her at home as well!  We are so lucky and Lily makes my smile brighter and my heart fuller each day!! I love you my sweet Lily pad!!

Year of the Horse 2014

Goodbye year of the Snake and Hello year of the Horse!  Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!!  We started the festivities by going to the hội chợ tết at Phước Lộc Thọ (Asian Garden Mall) with my parents!  Lily loved seeing all the pretty decorations and she really liked the little lion puppet, so we just had to get it for her!!  I noticed she’s really good at “window shopping” and she’ll walk to the displays and just look, and not touch anything!  She’s so good!  She had so much fun that she went way past her nap time and then totally knocked out on my dad’s shoulder!  How sweet!

We then had a series of family events and she got to wear her new áo dài that I got her at Phước Lộc Thọ and she looked so darn cute in it!  She really liked wearing it too because when we try to take her out of it, she whines and doesn’t want to take it off!  She’s so smart these days! 

Lily also got to make this cute little lantern at school!  She contributed by coloring in the little white circles on the lantern.  When I came to pick her up, she kept showing it to me and held it really carefully by the handle!  So cute!! It was fun to see all the family to celebrate, and eat lots of delicious food.  Lily also got tons of lucky lì xì as well and this time she didn’t put them in her mouth!  This new year of the Horse is off to a great start, and I wish for lots of love and happiness this year!!

Upgraded Juicing!

Hello beautiful new juicer!  After 4.5 years with our Jack Lalanne juicer, (even though we only used it for a few months), it’s time we upgraded to a new and improved Omega VRT350HD Low Speed Juicer!  It’s definitely a lot more expensive but it’s well worth the purchase!  Plus we got this on super sale on QVC with free shipping and it came with a free Juice Boost recipe book!  Our old juicer worked ok, but cleanup was such a pain (for Khoa, since he did the cleaning).  It was also very loud and would vibrate and it didn’t come with a container for the juice to fall into.  So finally, we decided to upgrade and boy this makes juicing so much easier!  Our new machine is whisper quiet, compact so it doesn’t take up much space, and has a convenient container with handle for the juice to pour into!  The Omega VRT350 is a low speed juicer so it juicers the fruits and veggies slowly to preserve more of the nutrients!  One of the best parts is you just plop the fruit/veggie into the juicer and you don’t have to push it down!  It’s amazing!!  We initially started juicing after we saw the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” featuring Joe Cross, and boy did he have an inspiring story!  Here’s a LINK to Joe Cross’s 3 day weekend cleanse, with recipes of 5 juices you can do during this cleanse!  Juicing is awesome because of how much vitamins and nutrients you’re gaining, and how easy it is to do so.  Normally we can eat maybe 1 apple a day and a few veggies here and there, but with juicing, you can consume multiple apples along with several carrots, celery, kale, asparagus, etc., all in 1 drink!  The idea of juicing is so inviting but when you actually do it, it takes a lot of work, but not if you have the right machine!  It’s also a great bonding activity to do with your spouse/loved ones.  Khoa and I have developed a pretty efficient way to juice to make it not so tedious, and it’s fun in my opinion!  I’m glad we’re able to get back to our healthy juicing habits!  Just after a few days of juicing again, we already feel like we have more energy, our body feels cleansed and lighter, and with all that, we are happier!  Best part about this too is we can give Lily some of these healthy juices and have her consume way more fruits and veggies than she normally would, without even know it!  If you haven’t tried juicing, you should definitely give it a shot, it’s worth the time and investment!  Here’s some images of some juices that we like and tried this week!

Sweet & Spicy Carrot Juice

Mean Green

Blueberry Cucumber Juice

Strawberry Mango Juice

SunnyG (ginger) Juice

Asparagus Detox Juice

Resources – here’s a LINK to a website that has 5 juicing recipes that uses 5 ingredients or less for each juice!   Also, HERE’s a very informative website that has lots of juicing recipes to help with weight loss and health, and it even has a 30 day juicing challenge!  Also here’s a useful tip, if you use ginger in your recipes, you can easily and safely peel them but using a spoon and carve/scrape the skin off!  My juicing book that came with our new juicer is also super awesome with lots of education on what you’re getting out of certain fruits and veggies, you can get the book Juice Boost by Chris Fung HERE on Amazon! Enjoy and happy juicing!

Disney Baby!


I woke up this morning and saw one of the mom’s from Lily’s modeling agency share the Disney Baby facebook cover photo, and tagged me asking if that was Lily in the photo!  To my surprise and excitement, it was!!!  The photoshoot for that was taking back in April last year (2013) I think, wow look at how young she looked!!  This particular part of the photoshoot was to advertise the Minie Mouse nursery set (blankets, plush doll, bedding, etc!).  What a cutie pie!  I’m so proud of her!!  Look at you Lily pad, you’re a Disney Baby!!


Munchkin Lily!

Yay I found Lily on Munchkin’s website for their Cupcake Bath Squirters!  Wow this was so long ago, I think last May!  Look at that cute little chubby face and yes that’s her cute little hand holding the cupcake!!  This was definitely a very different photoshoot from all her other photoshoots because she got to be in a bath tub and play with bath toys and soap bubbles!  You can find the link for her toy on the Munchkin website HERE, and you can find it on Amazon HERE (thanks Siv for finding it!).  Now I must hunt these down in stores to see if Lily’s on the packaging! =)  So proud of you my baby model!!

Hello Juniper!

Last week, on January 20th, Lily started her first official day at the Juniper Toddler class at LePort!!  It was very bitter sweet to have her graduate from the infant Willow class to Juniper, but we are so proud of her.  We were sad to leave the Willow room because we know how happy she was there, and we liked the comfort of it and how flexible they are with her schedule and everything.  You develop this nice relationship with the teachers there that was another tough part about new beginnings.  We can’t stay there forever.  We are so thankful and grateful for all the amazing teachers here at LePort.  Lily surprises us everyday with all the things she’s learning, and she’s growing into such a beautiful person thanks to their teachings!  Good thing though is Lily will still be able to see her fellow Willow-mates on the other side of the toddler playground fence!  Here’s a picture of Lily saying goodbye and giving with her teacher, Ms. Bianca from the Willow class, a hug on her last day!

Two weeks prior to Lily’s start date at Juniper, she got to do a transition period where she gets to visit the toddler class for a little bit at a time.  She got to have snack time there, take naps, and even test out the toddle playground!!  Her new teacher Ms. Monica, tells me Lily is adjusting nicely and her daily report always says she’s happy!  She tends to eat really well too, and we are now able to order her food from Cater Tots for her lunches!  Since the toddler class has a set schedule, she ends class at 3:30pm, and then gets to go across the hall to her After Care and play with her friends until I get off work at 4:30 and pick her up!  The exciting thing about the toddler class is that she gets to see some of her old friends who use to be in her infant class but moved up since they’re older.  It was a nice reunion and her teacher told me that her and her old friend Sage kept giving each other hugs on her first day, how cute is that?!  Can’t wait to see all the amazing new things she learns this year! =) Goodbye Willow, hello Juniper!

Lily painting her 1st masterpiece!

Lily having fun washing her hands at the toddler sink!

Lily playing and learning!

Craft Therapy

So this month has been one of the hardest month of my life, and only time will truly heal my heart, but each day does bring in a little light into the darkness.  I feel like I’m doing a lot better, but sometimes I have my moments, especially when I’m by myself and my mind tends to wander.  I was feeling a little depressed the other day, so I started to browse the net to distract my mind and I stumbled upon this image of a super cute blazer on this little girl.  I got inspired and decided to make on for Lily!  My mind was instantly distracted and I went into a crafting high!!  haha.  So the next day I woke up super excited to go to the fabric store and pick out fabrics with Lily for her new blazer.  The blazer I saw online was only 1 solid color, but I decided to make a light beige color lining so that when you roll up the sleeves, the cuffs are a different color.  It provided just the pop of charm that I wanted!  It was fun to be doing things with a purpose.  After Lily went to bed that night, I immediately went to work learning and trying to figure out the pattern and how to take on this task.  3 hours later, I finished my first sewn article of clothing for Lily!  It was hard for me to fall asleep that night because I kept imagining how it’ll look on her, and I was too excited to fall asleep.  The next day, I was so happy and felt very proud of myself for making something that looked quite decent and actually fits her!  She wore it with no complaints, and seemed to like it, or so I think haha.  After this project, I felt super happy, and I was proud of myself for channeling my depression into something positive.  Crafting is very therapeutic for me, probably because I enjoy the process, and I get something to be proud of at the end, to show for all my hard work!  This totally cheered me up!!  I have a few more projects I decide to do, so stay tuned for those in the future, it includes more clothes for Lily and a new “room” for Luna! =)  Here are some pictures of her and the blazer, in two outfits.

Speaking of positive and cheerful things, I feel like babies are so angelic when they’re sleeping.  Lily just looks soooo peaceful and sweet when she’s in dreamland, and I can stare at her ALL day!  She makes me soooo happy! I love her to pieces!!

Lily’s crazy hair while sleeping.

She even poses in her sleep! Love it when she falls asleep in my arms!